Monday, July 28, 2008

I am extremely not impressed by my Toronto roommate situation. One roommate in particular keeps ingesting everything anyone leaves in the fridge. I have been avoiding this by keeping my stuff in my own little fridge in my room, but I have this big pitcher that doesn't fit in my little fridge. The other day, I was feeling crappy, and desirous of pink lemonade. I desperately miss Nova Scotia, and pink lemonade is becoming a lifeline. Don't ask me why. It's happy and pink.

I made it extra-strong, just the way I like it (and just perfect for mixing with a little tequila when the Greek homework is weighing me down). I got home from Greek class today, and I felt like crap, and it's hot and gross here, and I wanted some lemonade. It is gone. My freaking roommate drank nearly an entire pitcher of extra-strong pink lemonade.

I think I'm going to kill him.

And then I'm going to come home.
33 days, 7 hours, 46 min, 44 seconds.


Lesley said...


It's gonna be alright.

The Ninja Knitter said...

Don't worry, you'll be home soon! And feel free to put your roommate's hand in a bowl of warm water while he's sleeping. Heh.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Maybe it's time to put something disgusting in your lemonade or chocolate pudding for your roommate to discover. What a nasty idiot.

J. Thomas said...

You can bake exlax into brownies and it's relatively tasteless.

*Ahem*. I've heard. :)

Two twigs and a string.... said...

I kinda hate to admit this but I've been there with roommates like that...I "solved" the problem one time by mixing a bottle of MOM (Milk of Magnesia) into a quart of chocolate milk (with extra chocolate syrup to hide the chalkiness of the MOM)...she had diarrehea for 2 days straight but after that she no longer got into foods that weren't hers without asking first *grin* She never figured out which one of us was the one who did it and we never admitted but ohhh we ALL had a hard time keeping a straight face everytime she had to "Run" for the bathroom