Thursday, December 20, 2007


Yes, disgraceful. This blogging thing has gotten out of hand--or should I say that school has gotten out of hand! I was able to make it to KOL only once this semester, after choir let out for the year. See, I have choir practice from 6:30-8:30 on Tuesday nights, and by the time I would get out of practice and down to the Wired Monk it's closing time. It won't change next semester, either, so until the Monk's hours go longer for the summer, I'm going to be KOL-less! Nevertheless, I'm reading everyone's blogs, and I'm even teaching myself to be a well-behaved reader and comment!

I'm in Iowa now visiting family for Christmas, and yes, I had something of an eventful trip down. Fortunately I got out on Sunday morning before the nasty weather. I had connections through Washington DC and Chicago, so I was steeling myself for an overnight in O'Hare. Ironically, the only delay I experience had nothing to do with weather at all!

I got out of Halifax just fine, and we made it to Washington in a more or less timely manner. We boarded the plane on time, and settled into our seats. I even struck up a conversation with my seat partner, a charming man with distinguishedly graying temples and two children my age. We sat at the gate for ten minutes or so, but weren't showing any signs of moving. Then the intercom crackles, and the stewardess informs us that we are missing the First Flight Officer, which seems to be something of a co-pilot. They're sure he must be around here somewhere, and they're doing everything they can to locate him.

Fifteen minutes pass.

The stewardess addresses us again, sounding considerably more agitated. The First Flight Officer--she here gives his full name--has not shown up for work this morning. They are very sorry for this delay, and they will be snatching an officer off an incoming flight as soon as possible. Apparently the soonest possible was coming in in an hour, and were were welcome to deboard and get some lunch while we waited.

This delay, naturally, resulted in missed connections for at least a third of the plane. Still, the stewardesses were remarking as we deboarded just how good everyone was being about it. For some reason, this guy not coming to work made a whole lot more sense than ice storms. When, an hour later, the new First Flight Officer stepped on board, he was greeted with applause.

(must run, will update shortly)


jkleclerc said...

I am releived to hear that you made it without too much trouble. I was watching the news on Sunday and saw that others were not so lucky, I guess you left just in time.

I made it home to my parents place today and am anxiously awaiting my sister's arrival (along with my little niece!)

Merry Christmas!

cyndy said...

Hi Elizabeth-

I'm here from Ravelry and wanted to tell you how much I liked your Tea Mitten! I hope you will post the pattern is a perfect fit for my "brown betty"....

teri springer said...

Funny, you were heading to Iowa while I was trying to get to Halifax. I finally made it in on the 20th but didn't get home to Chester until the 21st!!

Hope you had a great holiday!!


Gryffinitter said...

Hmmm...Toaster, and HP scarf...would you by any chance be an MNFF toaster?

(I is...)

Theresa, who followed you here from Ravelry