Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Le Sad

Alas, another Tuesday and I am not joining my comrades at the Wired Monk. I'm holding out for next Tuesday (hope that springs eternal, and all that.)

Just a quick note to say I'm alive, that I think contrary to to everything I was warned, third year university is definitely harder than second, though this may have to do with me actually working this year.

I have so much to learn! There's no way I can possibly be half-done this degree.

I am working on a witty blogpost, however, dedicated to my relationship with Latin. It will likely amuse only myself, but oh, how it does!

And with that, I'm ridiculously behind in Tom Jones (already! We've only been reading it two days!), and I want to get some sleep tonight, so I'll revert to starting longingly at my sock-in-progress over a rum 'n coke and occasionally digesting pages of 18th century snark.

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jkleclerc said...

Sorry school is keeping you too busy to make it the Wired Monk. We have all been there though and it does pay off in the end when you get a job that pays enough for you to buy fabulous yarn. Work has been keeping me too busy/out of town/exhausted to make it as well.