Sunday, September 9, 2007

List? What list?

1. I was kinda rude to the loud people when I went up to my room after work at midnight. After getting into my PJ's, I went back down to apologise, and tell them I'm not just a crazy lady who lives above them. The too-short housecoat and the pink striped pyjama pants might not have helped me convince them of this, but if they objected to my choice of words, they wisely kept silent. Don't encourage the crazy lady. They were pretty cool about it once I talked to them like a human being, and not a sleep-deprived crazed Latin flashcard-maker (oh, the shenanigans last night...). I hope this is the beginning of a groovy relationship.

2. I still feel guilty about being rude to them. I have a highly developed sense of guilt. If I know you in person, chances are I am living in terror that you will realise all the wrongs I have done you.. Some call this insecurity, but I am convinced it's just me trying to be nice. Yep.

3. No matter how early I intend to go to bed (and tell the Loud Groovy People Below I am going to bed), I will stay up for at least another hour, or until my contacts begin to eat my eyes.

4. Against my intentions, I worked tonight. I got a phone call this afternoon, saying that no one had signed up for this shift. I am very easy to convince to take shifts. (See #2)

5. All my photos are on my external hard drive. Which is currently not being recognised by my USB ports. I'm trying not to think about it. Or cry.

6. I really really need to figure out a graceful way of replying to comments. I'm used to Livejournal, which has a thread-based, incredibly civilized way of handling it. As it is, I am being horribly neglectful to those who are kind enough to leave me feedback and commentary. I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about my behaviour. (see #2).

7. School has officially started, and now I can dive into a terrifying amount of reading. Fortunately, it involves the likes of Robinson Crusoe, so arduous it will not be. I will have to lay off the Terry Pratchett audiobooks for a while. And my knitting will suffer. So far, though, Tuesdays look good, and I may make it to KOL vaguely consistently after all! I miss you girls!


Alison said...

I agree, there is no good way to reply to comments on blogspot. Wordpress lets you e-mail replies, I think. Moe switched her blog over, and I think that might have been one of the reasons. I try to remember to check comments if I've left one that could use a reply, because sometimes leaving a comment on your own blog after the comment you want to reply to seems like the only way!

Steph said...

Henry, unfortunately, has no conscience whatsoever - if he has done anything to offend you, please accept my apologies on his behalf.

I hope your first full week of school goes well - perhaps we'll see you on Tuesday.

Blogger used to allow you to post a link to your email address. I'm not sure if it's there in the new template.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, don't worry about responding to comments! (I'm giving you permission to ignore mine to mitigate your guilt).

I tend to respond when I can, or have something to say. (i.e., I don't bother if all I have to respond with is Thanks!). I have some latent guilt over not responding to all of them, but then I think to hell with it.

kelly said...

You don't know me, I don't know you, and should feel no guilt whatsoever about not responding to this! But... you're taking Latin, you knit, and you have knee jerk guilt... I think I love you, just a little bit! :)