Sunday, August 19, 2007

When did I accumulate all this STUFF?

I'd like to announce another arrival to the "Comrades" links in the sidebar! My friend K. is crashing on Blogspot's couch until he moves into his own place, and he's keeping track of it all at Nothing Personal, where he promises to "rant, dither, philosophize and waste your time."

In other news, I've not been posting the last few days because I've been moving stuff in earnest. I really meant to have a lot more of my stuff moved sooner, but I was obviously being too gentle with my stuff-transporting. My crack team of movers Shawn showed up this weekend and carried more junk than he ever ought to have had to. At one point I even fell asleep on the bed, and he kept carting stuff! He wins at life.

No matter what happens, I'll be moved in by Monday morning, because then I leave to be a counsellor at St. Michael's Youth Conference. I'll be back from that sometime on Saturday. I've been working overnights this week, but my last one--and, coincidnetally, my last day of work--is tomorrow's, and then I'm free to freak out until school starts. In theory, I will be studying up on Latin.

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Gun said...

"My friend K." <-- *sniffle* Only a K for me? :P

Let me know when you're no longer swamped by 13 year olds. :)