Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Home of the Big Fat Corn

Naturally, I forgot to bring my camera in my carryon, so I didn't manage to get any pictures mid-trip on Monday. Nevertheless, I have successfully made my way across the sky to Iowa, and along the ground to Pella, and I'm currently languishing in the heat of a prairie summer. I'm languishing in good company, however, and had a great time today at the zoo for my youngest brother's 7th birthday.

Harry Potter is the unofficial book of the skies at the moment. I wish I'd had a camera to document all the people who were narrowly avoiding walking into signs and luggage because their eyes were glued to the page. Two people in line would start discussing it, and the person behind them would politely tap them on the shoulder and request that they "watch the spoilers, okay?" Little children clamoured for their mother's attention with phrases like, "Is Snape bad? Is he? Who's the headmaster at Hogwarts now?" These were often ignored, because the mothers were busy devouring the tome of Potter.

I was able to get through with my sock in progress just fine. I went through security in Halifax and in Montreal, and both times they didn't even ask about the bamboo DPN's. A fellow traveler approached me at my first gate and demanded to know how I "snuck" them in, but I explained that bamboo offered no more threat than a pencil, and she seemed satisfied.

Oddly, the second sock of this pair (Hedera) is going very quickly. I turned the heel while waiting for my checked luggage in Montreal so I could go through customs, and chatted with a nice Kiwi couple and their newly wed son and daughter-in-law. They had a 15-hour flight ahead of them! My nine-hour transit time seemed like nothing at all, suddenly! I've worked somewhat steadily on the socks since I arrived, and I'm ready to start the toe decreases now.

A nice present was waiting for me when I arrived--my Knit Picks order, which had been free shipping anywhere in the U.S., was sitting on the kitchen table. I am now the proud owner of A Gathering of Lace and Victorian Lace Today, and my 12-year-old sister and I poured through the photographs together. My mother--the woman responsible for teaching me the knit stitch--was inspired, and picked up the needles to try her hand at the Snowdrop Shawl. She clucks her tongue at the thought of making something that's not "useful," but she can't deny that the Mystery Stole is gorgeous.

Dentist appointment today, and Shawn arrives tomorrow night! I can't believe that three days of my holiday are already over!

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jkleclerc said...

Glad you vacation is going well, and you must bring your new books for show and tell sometime.
Did Shawn finish his required reading?