Saturday, August 4, 2007


Due to tomfoolery on the part of Air Canada*, Shawn wasn't able to join us in Pella tonight. He called around 6pm, Pellatime, to say that he'd just spent five or so hours waiting for a flight, which was ultimately cancelled. He was still in Halifax! The airline put him up in a hotel, and he'll be heading out this morning, we hope! We'll get him around 11am tomorrow. It's too bad one sixth of his stay was lost due to airplane breakage, but we'll be glad to see him. Cross your fingers that it works out!

*actually, there appeared to be some mechanical problem, and we certainly would rather have him stay in Halifax than fly in a broken plane. Still.

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rho said...

I believe I am in possession of your shirt. I don't know if I'll be down King's way before Tuesday however I'm pretty close to the loop. Maybe I could drop it there on tuesday morning (being a freelancer I make my own hours and always like to take little walks).