Friday, July 13, 2007

In which I am vague. Sort of.

I write this post as a broken woman. Nearly. My loyalties have been shaken, my fingers have been rubbed raw, and my little grey cells have signed up for yoga. Why, you ask? I cannot tell you.

It's Shawn's fault. On Monday he frets to me about his lack of WIP's, due to his having finished the hat he was working on. Maybe, he muses, he could make Something, and perhaps even make it before Saturday night. Being the encouraging girlfriend and all-around wonderful personage that I am, I give him the ole' "I support you! Go for it! You're insane!"

You see, being such a wonderful Elisabeth, I did not suspect the evil that lurked behind those innocent blue eyes.

"I'll race you," he says.

The Snowdrop Shawl.

What can I say to a face like that? I cast aside all of my WIPs, ignoring the little piles of yarn in various stages of knitting that have accumulated in all corners of my room. I tripped down to my LYS. I returned with two skeins of Cascade Sierra (80% pima cotton/20% wool) in two lovely shades. And I set to work.

He has promised that if we both finish in time he will chronicle the event in his first ever Knits Vehemently post. The somewhat makeshift rules are as follows:
1. We are not to post pictures of the Somethings, as we are currently knitting from opposing sides of Halifax Harbour, and these Somethings are to be something of a surprise.
2. We are to be done by mid-afternoon Saturday, though we hope to finish them during our re-watching of Goblet of Fire on Friday night.
3. We are to win.

I am actually astonished at how feverishly we have been duking this one out. As I worked this afternoon, an MSN window open for taunting, my fingers alternately flew and stumbled. I cursed the hated cotton, and jabbed my tender fingers with the needles. The balls of yarn fell on the floor again and again as I yanked, but I refused to move them to an easier perch. Far be it from me to let yarn languish on the floor if I can help it, but cotton deserves a little punishment regardless.

We knit on.

Around 11pm we both agreed that our fingers and eyes were getting sore. (This is after approximately 6 hours of energetic knitting, punctuated occasionally on my part by my job.)

Tomorrow it will begin again.

- - -

Due to the lack of beautiful and calming pictures of knitting, I leave you with a few gratuitous WIP's. Abandoned due to Shawn's challenge, this yarn weeps gently.

*You'll notice that several most of these projects do not appear on my sidebar. I maintain that socks are perpetual projects, and therefore are generally not sidebar material. One ought always to have a sock or six on the needles. As for the's pure shame.


Fleece Artist Sea Wool Ribbed Sock

Mystery Stole 3


Double-sided Commission Hat (due Saturday morning, 1/2 done)

Basket o'Spinning

Boba Fett

- - -

More to come, Shawn promises. We shall see. In the meantime, I will go massage my wrists. Ow.


jkleclerc said...

Yay, Boba Fett! Where did you find that pattern?

Good luck on the race, I'm cheering for you. Tell Shawn that if he loses he must spend an evening with he scarey knitter ladies at KOL as punishment!

Anonymous said...

Boba Fett!

Cotton, eh. Hmm. Not like taking it up a notch by choosing a not-so-finger-friendly fibre.

I didn't know you spun! Bravo.

Anne said...

LOL How fun! I can't wait to hear more and to see what you two have been knitting! :D

gradschoolknitter said...

I also really want to know where the boba fett pattern came from!!

Stacey said...

Where did you find that Boba Fett pattern?