Thursday, July 26, 2007

Close Call

Occasionally I like to pretend I am a reasonably independent adult, and I make breakfast. Today, breakfast involved the complicated world of boiling water.

No matter, says I, for I have a Magic Kettle, into which I pour the cold water, and out of which blossometh the boiling water!

Beware, saith the packet of instant oatmeal. Be sure to put no more than 2/3 cup of water, or we shall be a soggy mess!

What have I that is approximate a cup?, I pondered. I produced a nice waterproof glass, held it over the bowl of instant oatmeal, and poured.

There was a loud cracking noise, and the bottom of the glass fell into the bowl. The top remained in my hand. I didn't move for several tens of seconds, not entirely sure what had just taken place. Then my mother's warnings about drastically changing the temperature of something glass came to mind. Ah. I see.

To my delight, the break was clean, and there were no little bits of glass in my bowl. Still, I flushed that oatmeal in favour of new stuff, as micro-glass did not seem like a good passenger for my intestinal tract.

And the next time? I poured it without measuring.


Anonymous said...

The same thing happens when you put a hot glass casserole dish into a cold sink. Trust me.

Viola Casanova said...

Or it will happen if you put hand-blown glass into the microwave.

Lesley said...

note to self...pick up measuring cups for Elisabeth at the dollar store.