Sunday, July 22, 2007

48 hours later....

I have now finished Deathly Hallows. Internet life (and other general life) may return to normal. Now...where did I put those knitting projects?


Alison said...

Me too. Finished last night. Didn't want to accidentally run into any spoilers. Started rereading Philosopher's Stone right after I finished it. Did you know in Philosopher's Stone the Deluminator is called a Put-Outer?

Anonymous said...

My book did not arrive on Sat (I missed the owl delivery by one day). I'm hoping it comes today. I am refusing to read anything HP related and look away whenever I see reference to it for fear of spoilers.

My sister, who works in a pharmacy, got "spoiled" for the Half Blood Prince when it came out. Some asshat older man was flipping through the last few pages of one of them while waiting for his perscription. He asked if Tash had read it, she said no, I'm starting it tonight. He then spoiled the ending for her and laughed. Asshole.

If it wasn't for her vows of ethics as a professional, she would have killed him (she probably knows how, too.)