Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Last Week of Class! (Whoo!)

Yes, I am indeed getting a little antsy about the fact that I'm one paper, one takehome exam, and three sitting exams away from the end of my second year of university. It might be fair to say I'm more worried about this than I am about studying for the aforementioned commitments, which is slightly problematic. Two weeks from now I will be a free, free bird of summer. Well, I hope to be working, but that's kind of like being a free bird of summer.

I apologise for the lack of posting--and yes, I know that apologies for lack of posting is usually the first step in Blog Death. Ack! I keep planning blog entries, but somehow they never quite make it to the page. Blah.

I've been working extensively on what will seem to you all to be a terribly boring project: The Mystery Project. It is boring because I cannot reveal the nature of it, and therefore there are no pictures and no technical musings, and (gasp!) not even any whining about swatches and yarn specs. Woe! You will notice, however, by the progress bars, that I am breezing through it. All that time spent not posting is time well-spent, knitting! The Mystery Project should be finished within the next week, and then it can be unveiled and gifted. Huzzah!

In terms of other projects, the Pomatomus socks have left the needles. After breezing through the first repeat, I noticed that they were curiously small. No problem, right? Socks are stretchy. But no, this won't even fit over my relatively small toes. Time to frog it.

I really love the pattern, though, and I bought this beautiful Opal colourway ages ago for the express purpose of making Pomas. Alas, they shall have to wait until my 3mm needles are free, as my usual sock needles, my 2mm's, are the cause of the too-small-ness. (Don't talk to me about swatching!)

Bye-bye, Pomas. You were beautiful!

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