Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knitpicks Ahoy!

Ugh, first day of my summer job today. I'm working at the residences at King's, which should be mostly deskwork after the initial setup. During the summer the residences become something between a hotel and a youth hostel, and that means we did a lot of bedmaking today. We did all of Alex Hall today--probably about 150 beds? Tomorrow we do the bays, which will be another that many, except up and down stairs instead of in halls. Ick. So sore!

However, my day was made when I received my Knitpicks package! Essential in Grass, Dusk, and Burgundy, and Shadow in Sunset Heather. Lovely!

They're both so soft! I expected as much from the Shadow, but Essential was a nice surprise after working with the Kroy 4-ply that I used for the Mystery Project (to be unveiled in the next post!)

Alas, I cannot cast on any of the new yarn until I finish the Monkey socks. Those are going quite speedily, and I think I'll spend a quiet evening with Dr. Who tonight and turn the heel.

My pal in the Knitters Treat Exchange has reported a sending of my treat parcel, and I'm one magazine short of my own treatee's sending. Whoo! All this just in time for my birthday!


Stacey said...


Sorry I've been tardy at writing--but I'm glad that your gift reached you safe and sound! I hope you enjoyed the scones!

And as far as the instructions from New York to Paris (or London, England)...keep reading til you get to # 26 (or somewhere around that number. Perhaps you and Shawn would like to embark on an European trip that way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi...just found your blog via our KOL site!

Classics, hmm, very cool. I wanted to take a course in Latin when I was at Dal for a year mid-degree, but it was full.

I am totally resisting Knitpicks at this point, for the precise reason that I hear the yarn is great and there is no need for me to get hooked (my credit card is having a hard enough time).

Perhaps I will see you and Shawn at KOL sometime?