Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dying of Exam

To my neglected friends and messages--I am, regrettably, dying of exam. This is a peculiar disease that will indeed pass away, but not for another two days. During this time I shall be confined to my room, bereft of internet for my own good, to suffer through the agonizing pangs of exams (accompanied, of course, by the post-nasal term paper drip). I am especially sad that I should fall ill at such a bad time, right when I was getting back in contact with the Egypt-ites, but rest assured, all of you, that I will be well and returned within a week.

Cheers, and 'til I can write again,

To Go:
1 of 3 papers
0 of 3 exams
1 of 1 takehome exam

In other news, I've almost finished my Knitters Treat Exchange shopping, and I am already loathe to part with the yarn! I must keep assuring myself that I, too, am going to be the recipient of a package. I am, apparently, a very selfish giver.

I have begun an Exam Sock, using a truly lovely hand-dyed Lucy Neatby superwash and Cookie A's Monkey design from Knitty. As much as I love Cookie's designs (and intend to knit many more), I have to express disgruntlement about the pictures. Indeed, it is a lovely shoe, but never once do we have a picture of the sock un-shod (and two of the pictures are so far away that stitch definition is nonexistent). Agreed, the bottom of the sock is not nearly as interesting as the top, but for pattern-modification purposes we visual learners would love a real shot--especially as I had a momentary confusion about whether the sides were twisted stitches or not. The toe, also, is very mysterious indeed. Oh well, I'm enjoying this pattern immensely, and I'm already nearly at the toe (my small 6.5/7 feet make this less of an accomplishment than it may seem)!

Picture to come when I have time to clear off the camera's memory card, which won't be until Tuesday, when my last papers have been handed in (for better or worse).

Today was a typical grey Halifax day which creates a certain air of coziness, but alas, sunny days always feel more productive to me. I've had Great Big Sea on all day, having only this morning acquired Turn. Another lovely album by some of my favourite Newfies!

Back to work...or perhaps to start work. I've got about 4.4k words minimum to write before 11:59pm on Monday night. Hopefully I'll get about the first 1.5k of that done tonight, and be well on my way. Wish me luck! I'll close with an admonishment from knitting!Shawn at my lack of productivity today:

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