Thursday, March 1, 2007

A valiant rescue

I'm writing this from Shawn's computer, though I've allowed him to post from his account. With any luck, he might start telling his own stories soon enough. *guilt guilt*

I have an announcement to make! Shawn has saved his first laddered stitch today! He had set aside his Satchel, certain that he would require my remedial attention and could knit no more until I returned from My Evil Thursday. But lo! I had left my knapsack in his room! A quick search revealed few useful knitting supplies. Alas. But lo²! I had left my messenger bag in his room! My messenger bag is usually my knitting bag, and the pen slots are filled with DPN's, a cable needle, and a crochet hook. He nabbed the latter effect and, as he put it, "rescued my small comrade."

This further cements my theory that one cannot learn to fix one's mistakes (and consequently cease making them) if one is too closely taught. Autonomous learning FTW!

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